Musical May Day

Melissia Mason
The Emma Willard School community gathered on this brisk, sunny Friday for the traditional May Day festivities, orchestrated by the Class of 2022.
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An Emma Story: Alexandra Schmidt and Tina Q. '22

Alexandra Schmidt
I was walking through Weaver last month when I encountered Tianning Tina Q. '22, who said, “Oh good, I’ve been looking for you.” “Really? Having me as your math teacher for 3 years wasn’t enough? I am complimented!” After having taught Tina her sophomore, junior, and senior years, we have a long.
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A Day in the Life with Jenny C. Rao

In response to a recent "Rao Rumbles" — the anonymous comment or question box outside Jenny Rao's office — we followed Ms. Rao around with a camera to answer a student's great question about what fills a "typical day" for our Head of School!
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One of 360: Paula S. '23

Sandra Santana
As we approach the final stretch of the school year, One of 360 returns with Paula S. '23, a junior boarder from Helsinki, Finland! Read on to learn more about Paula’s passion for computer science, breaking into new sports, and what makes Ring Week so special.
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