Signature Spotlight: Publishing Neuroscience Research

Meli N. ’23
Meli N. ’23 is pursuing a Signature project on “The Scientific Research Process in Neuroscience and Experimental Therapeutics.” Her work with Albany Medical College was recently recognized when she was included in the byline in an article published in Frontiers in Pain Research. Meli shares in her.
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Open Air: Sofia P. ’22 and The Wellie Podcast

Kaitlin Resler
In September 2020, the first episode of “Open Air,” a podcast hosted by Emma Willard School senior Sofia P. ’22, dropped on Spotify. Described as “a place where students, faculty, and staff can learn and share information regarding health and wellness through fun and honest conversations,” there.
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Celebrating Anne Spencer Thurman '50

Melissia Mason
We are excited to celebrate Black History Month at Emma Willard School and extend our Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration with a story almost 75 years in the making. On Tuesday, February 1, we dedicated a portrait of Anne Spencer Thurman ’50, our first Black graduate, unveiled by students.
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