Inspirational Speech: Reclaiming Beauty

Gemma Halfi
During Morning Reports, members of the Emma Willard School community have a chance to share inspirational thoughts from their own life experience. In a recent talk, Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Gemma Halfi shared a powerful message about beauty and body positivity through.
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Crowning the Champions

Sandra Santana
In a year brimming with historic athletic firsts, Emma Willard School has officially joined the action. After dominating the competition by nearly 30 points last Saturday, the Jesters Swimming and Diving team has captured the Colonial Council Championship, the first in school history.
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Signature Meets STEAM 9

Melissia Mason
This semester, Emma’s Signature and STEAM 9 programs converged when Chelsea Y. ’22 set out to teach ninth graders what she’s learned about Processing, a language for coding within the context of the arts. This exciting part of Chelsea’s Signature project is a wonderful example of student becoming.
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