Exploring Signature Projects


Through the Signature program, Emma students in 11th and 12th grade have the opportunity to delve into a topic or area of curiosity to them.  Students spend the year working with a mentor in their field of interest and produce a final project or presentation demonstrating a deeper, informed understanding. For students pursuing scientific research in a real-world setting, there is an accompanying course called Research in Science. 

Emma students have completed advanced projects in the arts, sciences, math, creative writing, politics, finance, history, and more. 

Over the years, Signature students have taken the time to share more about their projects and what led them to explore this specific area.  We invite you to explore a selection of these Signature Profiles and think about the ways in which you can contribute your voice and curiosity to the world. 

Lia’s Signature Project: Structure of Influence

Tarifa’s Signature Project: Bone Research at RPI

Stella’s Signature Project: Painting Inspiration

Latifa’s Signature Project: Empowering Bahraini Women

Jess’s Signature Project: Studying the effect of Microplastics in Lake George

You can explore more Signature Projects on our website.

Lia R. '21

Lia R. '21 is filming a documentary on storytelling

Tarifa A. '21

Tarifa A. '21 conducts bone research at RPI

Jess Signature

Jess explores the impact of microplastics on the Lake George ecosystem