A Bold Choice

Suzanne Romero Dewey
The question of what you want from high school has been on your mind for months and now it is time to decide. You’ve done your homework, identified your needs and goals, and determined which schools meet your must-have list. You’ve visited campuses (in most cases virtually), and have attended admission programs to get a sense of the school. By now, you can determine if your top choices offer your favorite sport or have a music program where you can explore new endeavors. You’ve met students and faculty, know how the community feels, and have a good sense of the academic rigor offered. 


It is time to make a choice.


At Emma, our accepted students were invited to take part in Best Fit Days (virtually or in-person). The Spring weather surely made our campus shine no matter how it was experienced. For many, it has been an easy decision to say YES to Emma with reasons including:
  • The new and innovative Advanced Studies program
  • The dedicated ninth-grade curriculum designed to enhance first-year success
  • The school’s focus on building community and developing practices of inquiry and reflection
  • The residential life program that features dedicated faculty and emphasizes community and wellness
  • The opportunities to have self-directed exploration that enhance classroom learning
  • The promise that with 350 students, you won’t get lost in the crowd, you will be seen and known and you will find friends you will have forever.
  • It’s a school that has offered girls the opportunity to be themselves in an environment that encourages each student to try new things and to learn to serve and shape the world.
For all, we hope some of the following voices from alumnae will give you guidance and affirmation:


“Everything I’m doing right now is built on my experience at Emma. Had I not studied in the United States, I would have lacked perspective on all the possibilities for my life.”
Kotoha Takashima ’12
International relations


“My studio and art history courses... and my British Literature course...planted seeds that continue to bear fruit...To this day, my closest friends are from Emma. It’s a wonderful school...with such a sense of history and tradition. I think so highly of single-sex education, particularly at Emma. As a student, you can be
Christine Moog ’87  
Book designer
Madeline credits the arts and Emma Willard, for giving her the skills and discipline to succeed: “The arts taught me to feel life’s uncertainties and be OK with them, and Emma gave me a well-rounded sense of what it means to use my voice and find my own way,”
Madeline Chan ’10


“Faculty and classmates taught me the importance of cultivating relationships and seeking to maintain a work-life balance. And the respect shown for each person’s passion—whether that was singing or science—made a lasting impression. I always felt that my teachers at Emma were invested in my future, whatever path I chose.”
Zian Taylor ’19 
College student


April 10 is decision day for all accepted students. Our admission team has worked hard to demonstrate what joining an environment like Emma can be for you. We know, from over two hundred years of experience, that Emma students make a difference in our world. You will grow your voice and develop confidence in your choices, all of which will set the foundation for an amazing journey. 
Touring campus during a

Touring campus during a "Best Fit" visit

The Admission team ready to answer your questions

The Admission team ready to answer your questions